The Missing Piece

The 1700s were a time when the Caribbean was ruled by pirates.  One such pirate, Anne Bonny, was well known throughout the entire Caribbean for her ability to get out of any predicament.  She had accrued a lifetime of spoils and treasures which she had carefully hidden somewhere within the Caribbean. To date, no one has been able to find this treasure.  It was known that Anne had drawn out a treasure map which could lead someone to her life’s achievement. Half of this map has been handed down from generation to generation.  The other half is suspected to be located within a treasure chest, previously discovered by a member of her family.

Unfortunately, her last surviving heir, Mr. John Bonny, grew old and is ready to give up the search for this treasure.  Left with half a map and a treasure chest, he has been unable to crack the series of puzzles and clues to find, what he suspects, to be the missing piece of the map within the chest. Unfortunately, John is setting sail at sunset to continue his journey.  It would mean the world to him, if he could set off, map in hand, to finish his life’s work finding his families heirlooms. If you are up to the challenge, please help John in this quest, and see if you have what it takes, to find the missing piece of the treasure map and return it to her heir before he sets sail in three hours.


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